3 on 3 League 5th thru 8th Grade Boys & Girls

The league is for boys and girls entering 5th through 8th and will run on Saturdays in August and September, with a single elimination tournament.
Games will begin around noon and teams might play two games each day during the regular season.

Games begin August 28

REGISTRATION:  For THE GYM programs customers MUST complete the registration process by using one of the Registration Links at the bottom of this page; you can NOT access our program registrations through your personal "Team Snap Account".

Team Registration ONLY

  • For Team Registrations the per player cost is the team fee divided by the number of players on the roster, coach determines the roster size
  • For Team Registration the coach registers the team On Line and pays the total team fee
  • COACHES need to register their team by clicking on the Orange Bar at the bottom of the page
  • All players on your roster MUST REGISTER ON LINE by clicking the "Player Registration (For Roster Purposes Only)", Red Bar at the bottom of the page

7 Game Guarantee (6 league games plus Single Elimination Tournament)

  • Single Team Registration Fee $275


  • We will do our best accommodate scheduling requests
  • Depending on teams signing up, grades may be combined. Teams can play up at their discretion.
  • 12 minute running clock halves with a clock stoppage in the last 1 minute of each half
  • maximize your players learning capability with the full court 3 on 3, there is nowhere to "hide" with only 3 players on the court
  • it's a great way to develop individual offensive and defensive skills
  • each player is forced to be involved in the action
  • we recommend a MINIMUM of 4 players
  • practice time and t-shirts NOT included


LATE FEES: Team $25 



Cancellations & Policies